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Travis HolowniaExecutive Director-Communicator
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Travis Holownia has a great passion for God and for people. His greatest desire is to see this generation experience what it means to live in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. God has used Travis in a catalytic way. His speaking and teaching inspires youth, young adults, and all ages by calling the Spirit of God to stir and awaken hearts.

Travis is the visionary leader of Resurgence Initiatives, a movement started in 2008 seeking to inspire people to arise together. Resurgence gathers and releases people who expect the impossible, experience God’s love, empower those around them, and engage in expanding God’s Kingdom.

Travis has travelled across Canada (multiple times to Canada’s Arctic) and has ministered internationally. He would absolutely love to serve you!  Great ministry flows out of relationship. Travis desires more than anything to connect with new friends in cities that he can serve together with.

In August 2021, Travis married Jessica and together they have a passion for ministry and the mission of Jesus.


Travis is passionate about:

  • Reviving Churches
  • Reaching People
  • Releasing Leaders

He would love to come to serve your conference, church, camp, leadership meeting, school, spiritual enrichment days, outreach event or professional gathering!



Travis Holownia is speaking/sharing the following places and we would love to see you there. Come be a part of these great nights of ministry:
Date Church/Event Location Description
Feb 12, 2022 Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Gateway Alliance Church
Edmonton, AB  
Mar 12, 2022 Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
Edmonton, AB  
Mar 13, 2022 The Church at South Edmonton Edmonton, AB Serving: Trevor Meier
Mar 16, 2022 International Association of Healing Ministries
Online School
Switzerland Serving: Jean-Luc Trachsel
Mar 25, 2022 Youth/Young Adult Service
Pickering Pentecostal Church
Pickering, ON Serving: Josh Livingston & Marie Miller
Mar 26, 2022 Men’s Breakfast
Pickering Pentecostal Church
Pickering, ON Serving: Josh Livingston & Marie Miller
Apr 3, 2022 The Church at South Edmonton Edmonton, AB Serving: Trevor Meier
Apr 9, 2022 Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Mckernan Baptist Church
Edmonton, AB  
May 3, 2022 Fellowship of Christian Assemblies Canada
National Convention: Thrive
Edmonton, AB Serving: Darren Aucoin
May 4, 2022 Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
ABNWT District: LEAD Seminar
Edmonton, AB Serving: Loredana Reddekopp &
Corey Randell
May 9, 2022 Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Terwillegar Community Church
Edmonton, AB  
Jun 4, 2022 Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
North Pointe Community Church
Edmonton, AB  
Jun 17-19, 2022 Young Adult Camp
Moose Lake Pentecostal Camp
Glendon, AB  
Jul 23, 2022 Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
ABNWT District: Family Camp 2022
Sunnyside Retreat Centre
Sylvan Lake, AB Serving: Gary Taitinger
Jul 24, 2022 First Assembly Church Calgary, AB Serving: Ben Johnson
Jul 25, 2022 Tehillah Monday Calgary, AB Serving: James Clarence
Jul 26, 2022 Resurgence Summer Gathering Heartland Alliance Church
Sherwood Park, AB
Aug 5, 2022 Western Pentecostal Conference Life Church
Edmonton, AB
Serving: Dino Skariah
Aug 7, 2022 The Church at South Edmonton Edmonton, AB Serving: Trevor Meier
Oct 8-16, 2022 Pentecostal World Conference
& Global Evangelist Alliance
Seoul, South Korea  
Oct 17-19, 2022 PAOC Maritimes District Conference Moncton, New Brunswick Serving: Kevin Johnson
Oct 20-21, 2022 PAONL Fall Pastors Gathering Lewisporte, Newfoundland Serving: Fraser Roberts

*NOTE: The schedule for Travis is subject to change.


“Travis is filled with revelation, prophetic insights, power and Gods glory all stuffed and overflowing from humility and genuine passion for Gods kingdom come. Its an honour to recommend him as a man God is using as a catalyst for revival, prayer and spiritual power.”

Danielle Strickland
Toronto, ON

“Travis Holownia has proved himself a faith and fruitful servant of Christ for over a decade in the city of Edmonton and Western Canada. He brings an unusual mix of having an education in business and theology. His perspectives are fresh, clear and anointed. He has served YC -Edmonton in a number of capacities, carrying the vision of the leader very well. During this time he has pioneered a dynamic spirit filled movement for Young Adults called ‘Resurgence.’ His ministry is igniting the age group, which is missing generation in most Church congregations. Having given significant time, thought and prayer to this minstry he is well and able to provide mentoring for Young Adult Pastors, Coach Boards to be effective with this age group and communicate powerfully and relevantly to leadership teams in churches that lead this ministry.

You will be helped, challenged, blessed and inspired if you should invite Travis to speak in your environment. I have every confidence in the mans character and his ability to preach with passion, conviction and being ‘Spirit’ led.”

Ian Green
Ian Green Communications
Proton Foundation
Warwickshire, United Kingdom

After experiencing the ministry of Travis Holownia I am encouraged to know that Canada’s spiritual future is in good hands. Travis is a passionate young man of God who is raising up a generation of young adults to impact this nation through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am particularly blessed that Travis has joined forces with us to bring healing and wholeness to broken youth in Canada’s north through our Arctic Hope Project. Through his anointed ministry, young Inuit lives have been snatched from the prospect of suicide and are now filled with purpose and hope. God bless you Travis as you invest your life in the spiritual soil of this nation!

Bill Prankard
Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association

“I have known Travis Holownia for close to 10 years.  Over this time, I have witnessed growth and maturity in his personal life and ministry.  Travis has wisely used the tools of education, hard work, faithfulness, prayer and Godly passion, to release a generation into experiencing the power and presence of God.  His call to lead ‘Resurgence’ has caught fire.  People from many faith backgrounds and those without faith are connecting with Christ as they see Christianity practiced in love and authenticity.  Travis is being positioned to lead this generation into a spiritual awakening for our nation and beyond.”

Rev. Ken Solbrekken
Fmr. District Superintendent, Alberta NWT
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Edmonton, AB

“I have known Travis Holownia for at least 22 years and for the past 7.5 years he worked for me at Extreme Dream Ministries as a Ministry Associate. During that time he served faithfully in our ministries across Canada as well as our international locations. Travis is a team player, a skilled individual, highly likeable, as well as a gifted communicator. It was a pleasure to have him as part of our team and it is without hesitation that I highly recommend Travis Holownia to you.”

Mike Love
Executive Director
Extreme Dream Ministries
Edmonton, AB


Travis Holownia would love to come share what God has put on his heart, what God has done and is doing, and experience God together with your community! He would love to serve, share, love, and build up your community in any way.

For any additional inquiries or any questions that you may have, feel free to contact us anytime or email bookings[at]

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