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Travis Holownia

Executive Director - Visionary Founder

How can I serve and help you? God put this dream on me to preach, teach, lead, stir, coach, reach, and go to churches, lost people, nations.

There has never been a greater time and need for a Resurgence of God's Spirit.


Travis Holownia has a great passion for God and for people. His greatest desire is to see this generation experience what it means to live in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. God has used Travis in a catalytic way. His speaking and teaching inspires youth, young adults, and all ages by calling the Spirit of God to stir and awaken hearts.

He is the visionary leader of Resurgence Initiatives, a movement started in 2008 seeking to inspire people to arise together. Resurgence focuses on: Reaching People, Reviving Church, and Releasing Leaders. These three mandates are all rooted in the values of being Spirit-Led, Whole, Relational, Fruitful, and Kingdom-minded. They define the colouring lines for Travis and the ministry of Resurgence.

Travis hold degrees in Engineering and Theology, and worked in Management in the Oil & Gas industry before going full-time into vocational ministry. In addition, for eight years he assisted in the organizing and running of Canada’s largest Youth Conference called YC before launching the ministry of Resurgence full-time.

Alongside leading Resurgence, Travis has served and serves on a number of boards and committees including the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada District Leadership Team in Alberta (4 years), Empower 21 Canadian Cabinet, Global Evangelist Alliance Executive Committee, Advance Summit Canada Council, Moose Lake Pentecostal Camp Board, Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America Evangelism Commission, and a few others. Travis holds the credential of Ordained Minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Travis has a passion to see a generation of evangelists, as well as equip evangelists and young movement leaders, and will do whatever he can to serve these efforts. Furthermore, he has coached and consulted business leaders, pastors, and non-profit leaders.

Married to Dr. Jessica Holownia in August 2021, they have a passion together for ministry, travel, and missions.

Travis would love to serve you! Over the last 15+ years, Travis has had opportunities to serve other leaders by speaking at churches, youth retreats, young adult events, District Conferences, stadium open-air outreaches, and many leadership gatherings in many denominations/fellowships. Through Resurgence alone, they held over 180 services in 50+ churches spanning 15 denominations. God has led him to raise money and preach in the Arctic, and also to serve thousands in Africa.

It would be such an honour to serve your church, camp, conference, or outreach event in any possible way. Travis desires more than anything to connect with new friends in cities that he can serve together with, stir on, and help see a Resurgence take place of God’s Spirit.




Travis’s heart is consumed with a burning desire for people to encounter Jesus. This passion ignited during his high school years, where he diligently organized assemblies to create spaces for transformative encounters with the divine. Since then, his journey has led him to the far reaches of the High Arctic, the vibrant stages of Africa, and the rich tapestries of Central America. Travis’s fervor to serve extends to your outreach event, festival, or any opportunity to preach and share the life-changing message of Jesus. With every fiber of his being, he longs to see hearts awakened and lives transformed through the power of the Gospel. In every service he leads, Travis ensures that there is always a profound moment for individuals to respond and accept Jesus, inviting them into a life of purpose, hope, and eternal significance.



Travis loves the local church. He has always been firmly planted in a local church and believes he is called to bring a message of renewal and revival to the Bride of Christ. It was in a renewal service on a Sunday night in his local church that had a major impact on Travis.  He would love to serve your church by sharing in Sunday services, youth retreats, young adult meetings, men’s breakfasts, and business leaders luncheons. Whether it is for multiple services 0n a weekend or one service Travis’s teaching focusses on three areas: wholeness of heart, Holy Spirit, and Evangelism. He believes called to see the body of Christ walk in all three together.



Travis Holownia is a passionate speaker and leadership advocate who is committed to empowering individuals and nurturing strong leaders within the Body of Christ. His engaging speaking style captivates audiences at District and National conferences, providing valuable insights on raising a new generation of leaders. Travis’s deep passion for equipping evangelists fuels a bold and fearless approach to sharing the Gospel, making a lasting impact on lives and communities. Through personalized coaching and group mentoring sessions, Travis invests in the growth and development of leaders, helping them unlock their full potential. If you invite Travis to your event, you can expect transformative messages that inspire, equip, and empower your audience to embrace their leadership roles with confidence and purpose. They will be birthed in prayer with an opportunity for each person to encounter Holy Spirit. Together, let’s shape the future of the Body of Christ through strong and impactful spirit empowered leadership.


"What do you See?" FA Church - Calgary, Ab [Jul. 2022]
“REVIVAL – A Lifestyle of Resurgence: Canada will be Saved” [Aug. 2019]
"Lions Roar" The Stirring Church - Redding, CA [Feb. 2017]



Travis Holownia


Apr 15 2023
Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
Edmonton, Alberta
Apr 19, 2023
International Association of Healing Ministries School of the Supernatural: Online
Apr 23-25 2023
PAOC Maritimes District: Young Pastors Retreat
Truro, Nova Scotia
Apr 24-26 2023
PAOC Maritimes District: School of the Spirit
Truro, Nova Scotia
May 13 2023
Resurgence Edmonton Gathering
Known Church
Edmonton, Alberta
June 2-4 2023
Youth Retreat
BP Church
Calgary, Alberta
June 3-4 2023
Weekend Services
BP Church
Calgary, Alberta
June 18-25 2023
Empowered21: Amsterdam 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jul 16 2023
Church Untitled
Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 26 2023
The Flood: Young Adults Conference
Moncton, Nova Scotia
Sept 8 2023
Resurgence Tour:St. Paul Alberta
Bethel Family Worship CentreSt.Paul, Alberta
Sept 9 2023
Resurgence Tour:Moose Lake Pentecostal Camp
MLPCGlendon, Alberta
Sept 10 2023
Resurgence Tour:Cold Lake
Cold Lake Community ChurchCold Lake, Alberta
Sept 11 2023
Resurgence Tour:Bonnyville
Bonnyville Community ChurchBonnyville, Alberta
Sept 12 2023
Resurgence Tour:Saddle Lake
Saddle Lake MissionSaddle Lake, Alberta
Sep 16, 2023
Resurgence Edmonton Gathering in Edmonton, AB
Sept 17, 2023
Church at South Edmonton in Edmonton, AB
Oct 15, 2023
Sunday Services
FA Church in Calgary, AB
Oct 16, 2023
Tehillah Monday
FA Church in Calgary, AB
Oct 17 2023
Leadership & Staff Day
FA Church in Calgary, AB
Nov 8-12 2023
Shake the Nations Evangelism
Managua, Nicaragua
Jan 25-27, 2024
Pastors Conference - Global Evangelist Alliance
San Salvador, El Salvador
Feb 3-5, 2024
ABNWT Young Leaders Accelerator
Cochrane, AB
Feb 4, 2024
Sunday Services
Kingdom City Church in Airdrie, AB
May 13-15, 2024
PAOC General Conference
Niagara Falls Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, ON
Oct 21-23, 2024
PAOC Saskatchewan District Minister's Retreat
Manitou Springs in Watrous, SK



Travis Holownia


Personally, and as the General Superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada it is my privilege to endorse the character and ministry of the Rev. Travis Holownia. As the visionary leader of Resurgence Initiatives Travis demonstrates humble confidence as he passionately communicates a heart for a renewed church full of Spirit-empowered persons who lead others to life in Jesus. He connects well with younger men and women who desire to be part of a movement of the Spirit that is real and lived out in everyday life. His public ministry has a prophetic edge that has been very well received in leadership conferences, retreats, and churches. People of all ages are drawn to respond to the Spirit’s call where Travis shares. I am pleased to have Travis working alongside me in our national church to see persons of similar calling affirmed and released in similar ministries. I would welcome any enquiries regarding Travis and the Lord’s ministry expressed through him.

David WellsGeneral Superintendent – The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada President – Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America Vice-Chair – Pentecostal World Fellowship

Travis was our keynote speaker during our fall conference. His ministry was warmly received by our pastors as he ministered with humility and passion. I really appreciated the emphasis Travis gave to ministry times around the altar and praying for people. He was always willing to stay and pray as long as necessary. His prophetic ministry was delivered with great sensitivity and accuracy which was hugely impactful for many. Travis was a joy to work with and we were very pleased with his sensitivity to the Spirit during our conference.

Kevin JohnsonDistrict Superintendent Maritime District - PAOC

Travis Holownia spans a diverse spectrum of ministry life. He itinerates in venture faith ministry in the North. He leads a subset of young adult discipleship in multiple regions. He explores evangelism in the face of daunting ambiguity. The base he oversees in the capital region is one of the largest cohorts of young adults in Edmonton. Travis was elected by ministry peers to the governing group of our Alberta Northwest Territories churches. He understands interdependence, budgets, evangelism, and organizational health. Always pleasant to work with, inspires vision, and models consistency. I commend his ministry to any prevailing church or group.

Gary TaitingerDistrict Superintendent, Alberta & NWT District, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Travis is filled with revelation, prophetic insights, power and Gods glory all stuffed and overflowing from humility and genuine passion for Gods kingdom come. Its an honour to recommend him as a man God is using as a catalyst for revival, prayer and spiritual power.

Danielle StricklandSpeaker/Advocate Toronto, ON

I have known Travis Holownia for close to 10 years. Over this time, I have witnessed growth and maturity in his personal life and ministry. Travis has wisely used the tools of education, hard work, faithfulness, prayer and Godly passion, to release a generation into experiencing the power and presence of God. His call to lead ‘Resurgence’ has caught fire. People from many faith backgrounds and those without faith are connecting with Christ as they see Christianity practiced in love and authenticity. Travis is being positioned to lead this generation into a spiritual awakening for our nation and beyond.

Ken SolbrekkenFmr. District Superintendent, PAOC Alberta NWT District , Edmonton, AB

After experiencing the ministry of Travis Holownia I am encouraged to know that Canada’s spiritual future is in good hands. Travis is a passionate young man of God who is raising up a generation of young adults to impact this nation through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am particularly blessed that Travis has joined forces with us to bring healing and wholeness to broken youth in Canada’s north through our Arctic Hope Project. Through his anointed ministry, young Inuit lives have been snatched from the prospect of suicide and are now filled with purpose and hope. God bless you Travis as you invest your life in the spiritual soil of this nation!

Bill PrankardEvangelist, Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association

I have known Travis Holownia for at least 22+ years and he worked for me 7.5 years at Extreme Dream Ministries as a Ministry Associate. During that time he served faithfully in our ministries across Canada as well as our international locations. Travis is a team player, a skilled individual, highly likeable, as well as a gifted communicator. It was a pleasure to have him as part of our team and it is without hesitation that I highly recommend Travis Holownia to you.

Mike LoveLead Pastor, Life Church, Edmonton, Alberta

Travis Holownia has proved himself a faith and fruitful servant of Christ for over a decade in the city of Edmonton and Western Canada. He brings an unusual mix of having an education in business and theology. His perspectives are fresh, clear and anointed. He has served YC -Edmonton in a number of capacities, carrying the vision of the leader very well. During this time he has pioneered a dynamic spirit filled movement for Young Adults called ‘Resurgence.’ His ministry is igniting the age group, which is missing generation in most Church congregations. Having given significant time, thought and prayer to this minstry he is well and able to provide mentoring for Young Adult Pastors, Coach Boards to be effective with this age group and communicate powerfully and relevantly to leadership teams in churches that lead this ministry.

You will be helped, challenged, blessed and inspired if you should invite Travis to speak in your environment. I have every confidence in the mans character and his ability to preach with passion, conviction and being ‘Spirit’ led.

Ian GreenCEO, Proton Foundation Warwickshire, UK

Invite Travis to Speak

Travis is eager to support you and your ministry in every possible capacity. He does not adhere to a fixed rate or cost, as his desire is to serve. However, since all honorariums and offerings all contribute to Resurgence Initiatives, which is his primary vocation, he kindly asks that you consider providing any gift or love offering you can afford. Your generosity will help in advancing the mission of Resurgence by reaching people, reviving churches, and releasing leaders. Please fill out the form below to let us know how Travis can assist and participate in the work of God within your church or event during this season.

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