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Resurgence Edmonton
Kingdom Leadership Community

About this Opportunity

Mission: We believe that there is a leader in every chair and we want to call the gold out of the leaders God has placed in our community. Resurgence Edmonton wants to give leaders a platform to serve and thrive in their areas of gifting while investing in their development.

Vision: We will intentionally pour into a small group of leaders, calling out the gold in them while giving them opportunities to serve and connect with our community. 

What is it?
One of our core pillars at Resurgence is to “Release Leaders.” Our desire is that many different leaders who are connected to our community are making an impact wherever God has called them. We also want to act as a platform or venue where people from our community can grow in and use their gifts. This community will function as a practical expression of all of these things by:

  1. Creating an on-ramp for leaders and members in our community who want to get more connected and take some ownership of the Resurgence movement.
  2. Helping all leaders grow in their competency and skills as a leader 
  3. Providing a context for Intentional community (both peer and mentors) who will pour into leaders. 
  4. Giving leaders a platform to use their gifts within the pre-existing Resurgence Edmonton Framework. 
  5. Helping leaders to thrive in their areas of leadership outside of the Resurgence community through coaching and planning.

Core Tenets/Values of the Community: 

This community will reflect and sow into the values of Resurgence in the following ways:

  • Spirit Led:
    • Seek to grow in an understanding of what it means to be a Spirit empowered leader. A community that seeks to help each other grow in their Spiritual gifts and understanding of the Spirit’s leadership.
    • Commitment to praying together and listening to the Lord together when we gather. 
  • Whole:
    • Community committed to wholeness – a desire to walk in the fullness of who God has called them to be. We long to see leaders formed in all areas: spiritual, emotional, physical, relational. 
    • Space for people to share how they are doing, so they can be fully themselves. 
  • Kingdom-Minded: 
    • All leaders are part of a local Church.
    • All leaders see their everyday reality as a mission field, believing that they carry and participate in God’s Kingdom wherever they go.
    • Leaders will carry the heart of Resurgence while seeking to help build the ministry through invitation and strategy.
  • Fruitful:
    • All leaders walking in the rhythm of Abide, become, go. As fruit is an extension of the Spirit’s work on the inside, we seek to posture ourselves in a way that is conducive for fruit to grow and the leaders to thrive.
    • We will seek to grow as leaders during our time in the community – with tangible action steps and desires to grow. Each leader will choose an area of growth for that year and invest into that during the time with actionable/measurable steps.
  • Relational:
    • We will be a deep community that is connected to one another as family.
    • This community will commit to regular relational connection during meetings and outside of meetings.
  • Integrity & Commitment:
    • We will be above reproach in words and actions. We will select leaders who are willing to commit to the community and make it a priority.

What does it Entail?

  1. Monthly leadership nights with the entire Resurgence community (at Central Baptist SE). 
  2. Monthly attendance at Resurgence Edmonton Gathering, serving in a different area for the first few months and with the same leader for the last half. 
  3. Attending Prayer meetings as available (weekly zoom/Evening/Pre Service Prayer)
  4. Monthly connection with Daunavan or another Lead Team member 
  5. Weekly Podcast or reading to do with the learning focus for that month.

There will also be a simple application process. This community is geared towards intentionally investing in a small group of leaders. Because of this, we are asking everyone interested to fill out the application form below. We may also follow up and seek a pastoral reference if necessary.

What will we be learning?

  • Vision of God & vision for leadership
  • Leadership Calling & Competency
  • Spirit Empowered Leadership
    • How do you know you are where God has you as a leader? 
  • Growth areas and leadership plan
  • Applying Leadership principles to your context… coaching through this 
  • The character of a leader 

Who is this for? 

We were carefully discerning who we would target this community towards. As a team we discerned that our first cohort will not be limited to a certain age demographic or leadership experience. We want this community to be for anyone who is:

  1. Living a lifestyle that is consistent with Biblical values.
  2. Wanting to be involved in the Resurgence community.
  3. Open to and desiring spiritual formation and leadership development.
  4. Desiring to exemplify Christ-like qualities in their vocation/lives. 
  5. Desiring an intentional community of leaders pursuing God’s Kingdom together. 
  6. Teachable and willing to learn.

Practical Considerations

  • Timeline:
    • This is an ongoing group with open meetings monthly. Once we have enough interest in launching a cohort we will do so! Please register and plan to be at our monthly leadership nights in the mean time so we can gauge interest.


  • Once a cohort launches there will be a small cost but in the meantime there is no cost to be a part of these evenings and receive the mentorship. 

We are so glad you want to be a part of this community. Take a moment to fill out this application form and one of our leaders will follow up with you shortly.

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Thank you for your interest in being a part of our first Kingdom Leadership Cohort! Please submit this form before September 20 to be considered for the Kingdom Leadership Community. We will review all applications and notify selected candidates for an interview. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Daunavan through the contact form on the website.
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