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The latest messages, sermons, and teachings from all the Resurgence Gatherings and Events

Resurgence Messages Podcast

Resurgence is a movement that aims to inspire the Body of Christ to arise together for the Kingdom of God. A “Resurgence” is defined as a rising again, a resurrection, a renewal, a restoration to use. We want to see a Resurgence of God in our day! Our home is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but we are called to reach cities and countries across the globe.┬áThis podcast serves as a conduit to hear, learn, and experience life-changing media aimed at reviving churches, releasing leaders, and reaching souls. For more information, visit us at

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Travis Holownia shares at Resurgence Edmonton on June 9, 2012.
Travis Holownia, Ken Solbrekken and the Resurgence team share at Resurgence Lacombe on April 21, 2013.
John Raymer shares at Resurgence Edmonton in November 2009.
Steve Osmond shares at Resurgence Edmonton on October 9, 2009.
John Raymer shares on night 2 of Resurgence Extended in March 2009.
Travis Holownia shares on night 1 of Resurgence Extended in March 2009.

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