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From Radio Host to Spirit Empowered Evangelist with Dr. Bill Hogg | Season 2, Episode 10

We are so honored to welcome Dr. Bill Hogg, Message Canada’s National Director, to this weeks episode of the Spirit Empowered Leader Podcast! Travis Holownia (co-host) and Daunavan Buyer (co-host) listen to Bill’s experiences and insights on living an empowered life by the Holy Spirit. Bill reflects on his past experiences, including his time as a radio talk show host engaging with non-Christians, his childhood encounter with God at a Christian camp, and his encounter with the Holy Spirit during Bible school. The importance of creating space for union and communion with God, listening and learning in evangelism, and balancing the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in our lives characterize this episode. You will love Bill’s accent, give it a listen!

Bill Hogg’s passion is communicating the good news of Jesus, igniting the fires of evangelism, encouraging and equipping God’s people to share the gospel. Bill dreams of seeing a new generation of Canadian evangelists raised up by God and released into the harvest fields. He also longs to see teams of downwardly mobile urban missionaries – Eden Teams – who put roots down deep in broken postal codes to share their lives, share the gospel, and bless and elevate the poor. Bill is a published author and former radio talk show host and has served as a pastor, professor, evangelist, and a movie extra! He was involved in pioneer evangelism in his native Scotland, developing Youth for Christ in his role as National Evangelist. Bill is part of the SEND Institute Missiologists Council. He also serves on the Church Planting Canada leadership team. His doctoral research focused on the missional renewal of the church.

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🟢 What is the Spirit Empowered Leader Podcast all about?

Join us on an extraordinary adventure as we invite you to explore leadership guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit. God has entrusted each of us with the call to lead and has equipped us through the Holy Spirit. But how do we practically live out that calling? That’s the question we’re asking, and together, we’ll embark on a quest to uncover the answers.

In the story of Abraham, we find a pivotal moment when he responds, “Here I am,” to God’s call to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. After wrestling with this profound request for three days and climbing a mountain, Abraham once again declares, “Here I am,” just moments before offering Isaac as a sacrifice. It is in this journey, between the call of God and the fulfillment of our purpose, that we find ourselves. A process, a transformational experience, awaits us.

“The Spirit Empowered Leader” is a podcast that delves into the challenges, trials, and lessons of leadership from a Spirit-empowered perspective. We will explore what it truly means to be a Spirit-filled leader in every aspect of life, whether as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, in ministry, business, sports, medicine, or any sphere where God has called you to make an impact.

Your hosts, Travis Holownia, Executive Director & Visionary Founder of Resurgence Initiatives, and Daunavan Buyer, Associate Director of Resurgence Initiatives, will guide you through the depths of leadership under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Resurgence Initiatives, a ministry born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 2008, was given a divine mandate to Reach People, Revive Churches, and Release Leaders. Our vision extends beyond Canada, aiming to see a global resurgence occur all around the world.

We believe that information may change your mind, but revelation has the power to transform your life. That’s why our podcast goes beyond providing mere information; it seeks to create an encounter with the Holy Spirit right where you are, in whatever leadership role you’ve been called to fulfill. At the end of each episode, we will pray for those watching or listening, creating space for the Spirit to speak and move in your life.

If you’re wondering how to grow in your leadership as a teacher, mother, pastor, ministry leader, CEO, athlete, or in any other role, we invite you to join us as we interview various friends about the different aspects of Spirit Empowered Leadership.

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