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RESURGENCE is a rising again; a resurrection; a renewal; a restoration to use.


“Inspiring people to arise together”


Resurgence is a catalytic movement. We gather and release people who:

EXPECT the impossible,

EXPERIENCE God’s love,

EMPOWER those around them, and

ENGAGE in expanding God’s kingdom




We are a group of people living for Jesus Christ. We want God. We will not settle. We have experienced the manifest power of God and have been reshaped by it. We’ve been changed. We have seen demonstrations of God’s power, but thats not enough. More than miracles, signs, and wonders, we crave God’s presence. There is an undeniable rising that is taking place. An overpowering call to love God, experience Him, and love each other. This is our foundation. This is our heart. This is our mandate. We know this is just the beginning. There are still greater things to be done.

We honour those before us and will look to them for their Godly wisdom. Thus, we will commit to inspiring those that will come after us. We will build up the church and body of Christ, because we love it. We are converging together as a body to call forth destinies and see people experience the fullness of God. We are called by God to live out the seemingly impossible. This is bigger than an event, conference, or gathering. We won’t be given a label or put God in a box. We won’t limit God. This is Resurgence. We are a God inspired movement. We cannot do this on our own. Will you be part of the change? Will you join the movement? The dream involves you.


In the summer of 2008, a group of individuals were drawn together in Spirit with a longing for more of God and a desperate hunger for more of His presence. A holy dissatisfaction and desire to see change was brewing. After much prayer and travail, the concept of “Resurgence” was birthed, being defined as “a rising again, a resurrection, a renewal, a restoration to use”. A team was formed, and over time the team was led to host gatherings with the title of Resurgence. The intention of the gatherings was to create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit was welcome to move, where true worship was released, where the Gospel was preached and demonstrated, where people could experience healing, freedom, and receive a commission to live for the Kingdom.

Very early in the journey, the team realized that this wasn’t going to be just a one-time event, but more of a lasting lifestyle, more of a movement. God is calling a generation and a people of all ages to RISE UP. God has pressed the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones so deeply into our hearts, and our vision is to see the vast expanse of dry bones RISE UP! God longs for life to come back into this collective generation in a fresh and new way.

We need God’s Glory and presence to impact us and a generation. The idea is not about building one specific church or having another conference but expanding God’s kingdom…it is about EXPERIENCING the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.