We love and believe in the power of testimonies. Enjoy and we’d love to hear yours!

Here are some testimonies that were sent to us from past Resurgence attendees:

-Written by Debbie Friesen

Leukemia healed. Spiritual chains broken. A business bound for bankruptcy recovered. Aging dreams awakened. Restoration.

These are the testimonies of a March weekend led by a movement called Re:surgence.

Hundreds of locals gather into the old Paramount-theatre-turned-church on Edmonton’s Jasper Avenue every night from March 19th to the 21st, holding out for some sort of personal breakthrough.

“It is clear that ‘Re:surgence’ is more than three nights of meetings,” writes it’s visionary leader Travis Holownia.

It “is to see the vast expanse of dry bones rise up,” he continues, using the metaphor found in Ezekial.

The event – a grassroots Canadian Kingdom team minded initiative led by Holownia – is the second of its kind. The first was held in late October 2008, where more than 600 people gathered in the walls of City Centre Church to experience all areas of life revolutionized from spiritual to physical, mental and financial states.

The atmosphere in March mirrors that of its predecessor. People enter broken, bound, confused, and desperate. Faith wavers. Anticipation grows. God shows up.

“The week before, even the day of, I was the biggest wreck as my whole life just kept compounding with bad news upon bad news,” tells Josh Chapman.

Hazel Mbabazi echoes Chapman’s sentiments about the “bombshell” threatening her life prior to entering her first Re:surgence meeting. A local doctor had recently diagnosed Mbabazi with Acute Leukemia Cancer.

“All that rushed through my mind was ‘I am dying and how do I break this to my family’,” Mbabazi explains.

After keeping her diagnosis to herself, Mbabazi randomly divulges to a close friend, who in turn invites her to Re:surgence.

Re:surgence meetings include worship, teaching, training, and prayer facilitated by Holownia’s team which included John Raymer, Ken Solbrekken, Trevor Meier, Michael Larson, and a group of like-minded young adults.

Saturday afternoon training sessions equipped more than 20 people with hands-on tools for living a Re:surgence lifestyle.

Mbabazi continues her story.

“When the prayer time started, a gentleman got up and said, ‘Someone with a blood disorder is being healed right now. Receive your healing.’

“That took me by surprise, and all I could say was, ‘Lord, I receive my healing. Lord, I receive my healing,’” Mbabazi recalls.

Chapman experiences a similar shift.

“Fifteen minutes into the first night, I was hit like a freight train by the Holy Spirit,” Chapman writes. “Even now I am so overcome by this love, and nothing that is lurking over me seems to matter.”

Testimony after testimony repeats itself.

“I have been contending for freedom from back disc pain and hip pain for months,” Colleen Danchak shares.

She continues, “Saturday night a group of beautiful younger ladies prayed for healing for me and I am very happy to say the Lord has healed me and the last bit of pain is draining away.”

Kayla Vezeau writes, “Just during these past few months, I felt like I had lost that passion

[for discipleship training] but now I feel like it has been restored.”

“I just found such a deeper love for my Daddy than I had before I came,” Darcy Cummer echoes.

After Re:surgence concludes, Mbabazi calls her doctor to run tests.

“The results were unbelievable. He called me three times asking me what I had done… The white blood cell count was normalizing. I told him the Lord had healed me.”

At the advice of her doctor, Mbabazi follows up several months later with additional tests. Her healing is verified again.