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RESURGENCE is a team based movement.  Join us…


Founded in 2008, Resurgence Initiatives is a Christian community focused on inspiring people to arise together to affect their spheres of influence; a catalytic movement of people who expect the impossible, experience God’s love, empower their communities, and engage in expanding God’s Kingdom. The desire and heartbeat comes from Ezekiel 37; to see a “rising again” of our nation and beyond. The interdenominational intergenerational ministry and reach of Resurgence involves missions, gatherings, retreats, worship events, and itinerant travel, all led collaboratively by a leadership team, an Executive Director, and a Board of Directors. The mandate of Resurgence is rooted firmly in Jesus Christ and centered around intentionally raising a culture of unity, honour and servanthood rooted in a lifestyle of prayer and mission.

Building and stewarding this culture requires a myriad of tasks be carried out behind the scenes not only effectively and efficiently, but with a heart in line with our values. Therefore, in addition to the leadership teams in place, we are building a staff of people that not only believe in these values but helps realize the vision Jesus has placed in our hearts!

“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” – Frederick Buechner

The dream involves you. Will you join us?


Current Staff Opportunities Available:
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