Our July gathering at the Celtic Hall with Alan Strudwick was a commissioning for our community to become pioneers.

pi·o·neer/ˌpīəˈni(ə)r/ : (noun)

  1. A person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.
  2. One of a group of foot soldiers detailed to make roads, dig entrenchments, etc., in advance of the main body.

In this season, as we lean into God, He is pressing each of us involved with re:surgence to make advancements for His Kingdom. In order walk out this destiny, our focus must be on our identity in Christ. Alan gave a strong reminder that we are Citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3).

cit·i·zen/ˈsitizən/ : (noun)

  1. A native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection.
  2. An inhabitant of a city or town, especially one entitled to its privileges or franchises.

As Citizens of Heaven we should be known by, marked by, identifiable by our behaviour- not just in Christian meetings and services but also in every facet of our lives. Although we do not find our identity through school, home, work, or friends, this is where God has called us to represent Jesus (re-present Him) to pioneer His Kingdom.

When Jesus spoke of all those that would believe in Him, He said that we are no more of this world than He was. His desire was not for us to be taken out of the world, but for us to be protected and sanctified as He sent us out into the world, just as the Father sent Him. (John 17) As a community, let us challenge each other to not be segregated from the world while resembling them in our hearts and actions, but rather be full of supernatural love, hope, faith, joy, patience, self discipline and miracles in the midst of anything and anyone we encounter.

Going to reach out and grab it,

Going to reach out and hold it in me hand,

Going to reach out and touch it.

Heaven is calling out, His Presence is pouring out;

Jesus wants to heal our land, Jesus come please take my hand.

~ chorus in July re:surgence worship