This June we are holding two days (three sessions) of gatherings which we are calling “Resurgence Extended”

As we have journeyed together as a community we have seen the Holy Spirit move in a significant and powerful way each month. During the course of this year, there has been such a building of momentum as we have been of “like spirit” and hungering more of His presence.

The word in our hearts that is echoing loud is “Awakening”. There is such expectation in the atmosphere for an Awakening in our region but also in Canada. Thus, we really feel to call you to two gather for two days this June.

It is a call to hunger. It is a call to worship and experience His presence.

Last July while in California, Havilah Cunnington spoke a word over a group of people from our community. The word was a significant affirmation and confirmation that God indeed is wanting to sovereignly move in our community and nation! Thus, we felt to have her come join us for these two days as we gather expecting an AWAKENING in Canada!!

We are really honored to have Havilah and her husband Ben join us for Resurgence Extended. Havilah is “passionate about seeing individuals encounter God in a real way and seek to blow the lid off common misconceptions, personal limitations, and powerless living.” Her heart and passion is “to inspire and challenge others to become all God has designed them to be.”

Will you gather with us on June 20-21, 2014?

Resurgence Extended

Friday June 20 & Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday June 20: 7pm
Saturday June 21: 1pm (Teaching Session), 7pm (Gathering)

Pre-Service Prayer both nights at 6pm

Terwillegar Community Church
1751 Towne Centre Blvd. Edmonton, AB

This is call to every person, every church, the entire region…to gather together and contend for an AWAKENING. Will you join us?

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Havilah Cunnington | Speaker
Havilah wears many hats: wife, mom, pastor, teacher, daughter and friend. She and her husband Ben were leaders at The Rock of Roseville Church for the past 15 years, but they recently made a huge transition by moving to Redding, California to be the Directors of Moral Revolution. They enjoy spending time with their four young sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson and Beckham.

Caris Rinas | Worship
Caris lives in Edmonton where she currently leads worship at City Centre Church, and leads a passionate lifestyle of love and faith for Jesus. She has served on the Resurgence Lead Team since its inception, and her passion for the call and vision has only grown. Through song, Caris leads others in worship to experience the beauty and magnificence of God, inspiring others to live out their faith in real and tangible ways in daily life.

Travis Holownia | Host
Travis Holownia has a great passion for God and for people. His greatest desire is to see this generation experience what it means to live in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. God has used Travis in a catalytic way. His speaking and teaching inspires youth, young adults, and all ages by calling the Spirit of God to stir and awaken hearts. Travis is the visionary leader of re:surgence Initiatives, a movement started in 2008 seeking to inspire people to arise together. Re:surgence gathers and releases people who expect the impossible, experience God’s love, empower those around them, and engage in expanding God’s Kingdom. Previously, Travis served for 8 years in the leadership of Christian youth conferences worldwide, and prior to that worked in a management role in the oil industry. Travis calls Edmonton, Canada home, cheers for the Oilers, and holds degrees both in Engineering and Theology.