PRAYER. It is our foundation.


From the beginning of Resurgence, prayer has come up again and again as a key component – it must be our foundation. As a team, we have no illusions about our absolute need for God in all of this. We want to be so attuned to the Spirit in every decision we make. We need a covering of protection as a team and for the individuals that are coming along side of us. We need to be guided by heavenly wisdom and a fear of the Lord. And those that will come to the Resurgence website or a Resurgence event need to be prayed for as well! We are desperate for more of His kingdom and His presence in the Church and in Canada, and we are utterly convinced that He is far more excited to pour out the fire of His love and His transformative grace than we are desperate. So let’s grab hold of His heart for Resurgence through prayer, and call it down to earth!

As we value and acknowledge prayer as being an absolutely crucial part of this movement, we would like to formally invite you to join us. There are two different ways you can support Resurgence in prayer:

  1. Pre-Service Prayer: Join us an hour before each evening session of a Resurgence gathering as we press in to His presence for breakthrough during the evening.
  2. Prayer Network: Our heart is to gather a team of people that lift the Resurgence website, events, leadership team in prayer daily and hourly.

You can choose to join us for any, or all of the above options.  We want to thank you for being a part of Resurgence, knowing that our prayers move mountains and shape history. You can reach us at

Thanks for being a part of this movement!