Resurgence is 100% financed by our community. Will you join us?


Birthed in 2008, Resurgence Initiatives exists to see you and everyone you know rise up to meet God and live fully for Him. Our vision is to gather, prepare and release people who Expect, Experience, Empower and Engage.

EXPECT: the impossible.
EXPERIENCE: Encounter God’s love.
EMPOWER: those around them.
ENGAGE: Unite, serve and expand His Kingdom.

We are called to carry out this vision by gathering monthly in Edmonton and other cities/ towns across Canada, conducting tours with nights of ministry, holding teaching nights and evangelistic gatherings, putting on retreats and conferences, and leading missions trips outside of Canada.


When Jesus called Simon and got in his boat, they went fishing and caught more than Simon could have imagined, more than they could carry on their own. So “they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and take hold with them.” (Luke 5:7a AMP)

God has given us a crazy dream to see Resurgence grow in Edmonton, in our nation, and beyond. A dream that is bigger than what our team can accomplish on our own. There is opportunity to see the lost reached and the saved empowered. There is opportunity to see the Church unite and rise up in our world. You have a key part in seeing this take place. Will you be the partner in the other boat that helps us? The return is eternal, the opportunity is now, and you can be used by God to carry a movement.

We are asking for your prayer and financial support. A partner with resurgence is someone who invests in our community through committed prayer and scheduled monthly donations. Our partners build a base of resources to fuel the vision, establish a covering of intercession, and remind us that others are behind us and with us on the journey. This ministry is 100% supported by our community. Every bit counts. Come and take hold of the dreams and plans of God with us!


To become a financial partner, click the “Donate Now Button” below. Your monthly automated donation of any amount- $30, $50, $100, $500 or more creates consistent and ongoing funding- a healthy foundation from which to dream and carry out His vision. Maybe at this time you cannot do a monthly donation, would you consider a one time gift?

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It is easy, quick, and will issue tax receipts for your donations. Resurgence Initiatives Society is a registered charity with the Government of Canada – Canadian Revenue Agency. If you have any questions please email us at and we would love to assist you.