Join us for a night of teaching with the Resurgence community. In the Fall of 2013 we launched a series of teaching nights focused on the core values and culture of Resurgence. We believe that Resurgence is more than just a monthly service or gathering…but a call to live out a lifestyle. Thus, we are committed to seeing these values taught, modeled, and lived out.

We invite you to a day of teaching on Saturday May 31st on Evangelism!

Resurgence is a community of people from across the City. Each of us have our own unique story but we all share one thing in common–one day Jesus called us. He said “follow me” and we gave up our rights and control. We risked following a loving but unpredictable Savior. Now he has gathered us to love one another as family should, encourage one another as a brother would, and learn to follow Him by the power of the Holy Spirit for something greater than ourselves.

Jesus came not for the healthy but for the sick (Mark 2:17). He asks us as his hands and feet on Earth to care for what he cares for and to move with compassion and love for people that are hurting and searching for something more.

We as a community believe that all of us have the call to respond and to reach out to those who need Jesus. We are asking for your help.

We are going to gather and briefly discuss what sharing with people could look like. Afterwards we are going to believe God to lead us to the people that need to hear who God is and what Jesus has done for them. Afterwards we will gather again to hear what God has done and talk about what sharing Jesus in our workplaces and families can also look like.

When: May 31st, 11:00am to ~ 2:00pm
Where: Lighthouse Evangelical (8501 82 Ave. NW)

Dean Millis and Braden Bulmer will be providing teaching and leadership for this day of teaching!

Come join us!

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