We were birthed in Edmonton, but we are called to Cities and Nations throughout the World…


The Call and Mandate on the ministry of Resurgence is not small. It is really big! In 2008, when we gathered for the first time, we knew in our hearts it was bigger than one City or nation. We knew that a time would come that dream, vision, and mandate would involve friends in other towns, cities, nations.  For us, everything we do stems from relationship. We love friends and developing new friendships.   If you have looked at our site, watched our videos, and feel like God is stirring something by hearing our vision…then we would love to hear from you and see what could be next!  

Here are a few ways we can come serve, build relationship, and see “rising again” happen in our area:

CONTACT US –  We would love to hear from you and how we can best serve you. To contact us go here, complete the form or e-mail “bookings[at]LiveResurgence.com”