Throughout our last year of regular gatherings, our re:surgence team has been blessed to see so many different people coming together with a desire to know God more and to live out His will all day every day.  We are excited and encouraged because of all of you. As Alan Strudwick shared at our last meeting, you are all truly pioneers, advancing God’s Kingdom. God moved in big ways in our hearts and lives. To hear more about our July 13 gathering, visit our website:

In August, re:surgence is excited to welcome back a long time friend of our community, Trevor Meier. Through passionate teaching and a heart that hungers to hear God’s voice, Trevor always shares timely words with our city and with individuals.


[Expect Miracles. Experience Freedom. Engage God’s power] Wednesday, August 31 // 7pm // Pre-Service Prayer // 6pm

The Celtic Hall // 10104 32 Avenue // Edmonton // Alberta

If you are interested in connecting further with the re:surgence community, please email

Living the call,

The re:surgence Team

Trevor Meier | Speaker

Born and raised in a Christian home in rural Saskatchewan, Trevor chose to follow Christ early in his childhood.  At the age of 5 while on the way home from church, Trevor piped up in the back seat of the car saying boldly to his parents, remind me never to become a preacher when I grow up!  Fifteen years later, upon completing Bible College, he entered into full-time ministry as a youth pastor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since that time, Trevor and his wife Melanie have also pastored in St. Louis, Missouri and Edmonton, Alberta.  Currently Trevor leads “On the Edge of Time” in Winnipeg, a ministry called to impact the world with the supernatural love and power of God. Beginning this September, On the Edge of Time will begin holding regular meetings to bring together several different ministries to worship, pray, and seek the face of the Lord to unlock the prophetic destiny of Winnipeg and stoke a fire that will spread to the nations.

Andrew Gal | Worship

Andrew currently lives in Leduc, Alberta with his wife Kimberly and their three daughters. Growing up in a pastor’s home, Andrew has had a relationship with Jesus Christ for as long as he can remember. By God’s grace, Andrew has continually grown closer to the Lord, and is a testimony of how God’s supernatural power can grab a hold of a “nobody” and create purpose and hope. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Vanguard College with a music major.

Caris Rinas | Worship

Caris lives in Edmonton where she currently leads worship at City Centre Church, and leads a passionate lifestyle of love and faith for Jesus. She has served on the Re:surgence team since its inception, and her passion for the call and vision has only grown. Through song, Caris leads others in worship to experience the beauty and magnificence of God, inspiring others to live out their faith in real and tangible ways in daily life.