Re:surgence is headed to Lacombe, Alberta! We are honoured to have been invited to hold a re:surgence gathering in Lacombe, an hour south of Edmonton just off of Highway 2.

Resurgence has been meeting for over 3 years in Edmonton and region contending for a move of God’s spirit in the nation of Canada! What is it? It is a night where God is praised, the word is preached, and God is given space to heal, save, set free, and do what He wants to do!! Are you hungry for more of God? Join us. Contend with us. The dream involves you! We believe God is doing something in Central Alberta at such a time as this and we invite you to be a part of it!!


[Expect Miracles. Experience Freedom. Engage Gods Power] Saturday, April 21 // 7pm // Pre-Service Prayer // 6pm
Pentecostal Church // Lacombe // Alberta
Worship with Ben Rogers. Travis Holownia, Ken Solbrekken and the resurgence team will be sharing. Hosted by Chantelle Harink.

As we go to Lacombe, we keep in mind Steve Osmond’s message at our Resurgence – Edmonton [March] gathering: When we go, we need God and we need community. We can’t bring freedom, transformation and miracles to Lacombe without God’s power. And we can’t reflect God’s fullness without our community either. And so we go to Lacombe, knowing God will meet us there, and hoping you will join us too.

To get involved- consider joining us for pre-service prayer at 6pm- everything we do, every meeting we have must begin in welcoming God and waiting on Him. For other ways to help and connect, email

Living the call,

Travis Holownia and the re:surgence team