Dear Friends,

As we are less than 40 days from the end of 2022, and we need your help!

In the 14 years this ministry has been operating, I believe there has never been a greater need for a Resurgence – a rising again of God’s Spirit in our nation and in our culture. A few weeks ago, I felt God drop this reminder in my heart;  “Resurgence was born for this season”.

We are in a season where pastors are resigning, failing, and tired. People are leaving the church. Hopelessness and despair run rampant.

Yet, I am reminded of the call of Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones to speak life, breath, hope and to see a Resurgence. This is the call of Resurgence.  We need a rising of churches and leaders in our land, and we want to do everything we can in 2023 to see that spread and increase.

In Luke 5, when the disciples needed help fishing they “signalled their partners in the other boats”. Today, we are signalling you. We need your help. Will you be a part of the solution for a Resurgence in Canada?  A reaching of people, a reviving of churches, and a releasing of leaders.

Watch this:

 In order to facilitate the steps of faith we have made– the increased travel, events, and initiatives we are dreaming for in 2023 we need your support. By the end of 2022, we have 2 goals  we are aiming for: 

  1. We aim to raise $36,000 before the end of the year to meet our current  budget and allow us to continue to plant seeds to REACH more people, RELEASE more leaders, and REVIVE more churches in 2023.
  2. 2023: We are praying for NEW monthly partners to join and the impact we have as Resurgence. Our largest budget yet we set for 2023 requires an additional $5600/month of new monthly partners. This increase is to facilitate the hiring of a new Admin & Events Coordinator, and to cover the increase travel costs and initiatives we are planning for 2023. As a ministry we feel called to expansion- to helping increase faith levels and encounters with churches locally, to start a global missions component to Resurgence and help spread the good news of the gospel. We feel called to go on tours to the north or rural areas where pastors are burnt out and provide encouragement, and support that they are not unseen. Acts 16:4-5 is key verse God has placed on our hearts: As they traveled from town to town…the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.”  That is our mandate in 2023 but it takes planning, administration, and going.. A partner is someone that gives and prays monthly for Resurgence to make this possible. Will you become a Resurgence Partner?

This is audacious. We know. This is crazy. We know. When we started in 2008 we had no clue how large our impact would be fourteen years later. But we know we are called to increase and expansion for the kingdom. Our budget for 2023 will be the biggest budget we have ever set as a ministry. Why? Because we firmly believe that never before has there been such a need for a Resurgence in our nation and around the world like there is today.

We were created for such a time as this.

This summer we spoke at a church where 40+ said “YES” to Jesus for the first time. Then the very next service, God gave me ( Travis)  a word for someone that had quit something that day. I shared it with the crowd. Four people responded that they had quit their jobs that day and wanted to receive prayer. But then, I will never forget the sight of a young man walking to the front with tears streaming down his face.  With remorse in his eyes he said “today I quit caring”.  We had the honour to pray with him, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to his heart.   That is WHY we do what we do as a ministry.  There is a generation that quit caring and don’t know His love for them.

There is a need for a Resurgence. There is a world full of people who need a rising again. We must go.

Will you join the movement?   Help us meet our goals for 2022 and 2023.

*Instructions: To become a monthly partner just click “Monthly” and enter the monthly amount to be counted as a new Partner to meet our goal of $5600/month in new partnerships. All gifts given online before December 31st at midnight will be tax-deductible and count for your 2022 taxes.

Thank you so much considering this opportunity to reach people, revive churches, and release leaders!

Travis Holownia
& the Resurgence Lead Teams
Resurgence Initiatives

*P.S. To give by E-Transfer or by mail, click here for details.